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Common Siding Problems and How to Fix Them

common siding problems

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It’s important to identify the most common siding problems in order to develop a strategy to fix them before experiencing even greater consequences. Those adverse problems could be everything from holes or grooves in the boards, or other frustrations like mold, algae, and wood rot. Either way, Kentucky Home Exteriors is here to help, and wants you to get the most out of one of your most important home elements.

Common Siding Problems

  1. Holes
    • Holes can result from poor workmanship, or they can occur from pests (like termites) consuming the materials. Leaks often happen when runoff water splashes into your siding after clogged gutters overflow.
  2. Mold Overgrowth
    • This is one of many issues we might attribute to moisture. Especially if you have wood or vinyl siding, too much moisture can exacerbate problems like mold, algae, and wood rot. None of these are a cheap fix, either. Once the problem persists too long, you may have to replace siding boards.
  3. Intrusive Hot/Cold Air
    • This is another expensive issue since poor siding can force your HVAC to compensate for compromised insulation. Sometimes it’s possible to make repairs and patchwork on this, but most of the time, it’s a sure sign you need new siding.
  4. Paint Fading
    • Even high-quality siding may require fresh paint after a decade or two. You can usually repaint your siding unless there are other systemic issues.
  5. Poor Aesthetic
    • Did you purchase a home where the one thing you didn’t like was the siding color or style? Many folks replace their siding to get it more in line with other exterior components (like windows and doors).

Maintenance Tips to Preserve Your Siding Materials

We want to direct your attention to one of our previous articles where we offered advice on proper care and maintenance of siding materials. We already hinted at the need to paint periodically and keep the gutters clean. You can also do yourself a big favor by relocating shrubs and trees away from direct contact.

It’s also smart to check around the windows and doors. There are the areas that could benefit from re-caulking to prevent some of that intrusive air and moisture. Then, for wood siding, it’s essential to re-stain and reseal it about every three to five years.

Need a Full Replacement? Consider James Hardie Siding

James Hardie Siding is our preferred siding material for several reasons. While it’s a moderate cost investment, it’s well worth your time if you’d like to avoid revisiting these typical siding issues repeatedly.

James Hardie Siding offers a host of advantages for Kentucky homeowners: more durable materials, superior fire resistance, less vulnerability to moisture, and no more problems with woodpeckers. You can also count on this siding brand to enhance your home’s total outdoor ambiance.

The dynamic color choices receive lots of praise from satisfied customers all over America, whereas traditional materials, like vinyl, can be a liability. If you live in a nicer neighborhood, you don’t want to hurt your home value, or experience the “vinyl stigma” by going too cheap on home siding.

Kentucky Home Exteriors Can Fix Your Common Siding Problems Anytime

You may already recognize how serious some of those aggravating siding problems can lead to worse issues later. Holes, warped boards, wood rot, and chipped paint are things you can only ignore for so long. If you’re ready to eliminate these concerns for several years, then we hope you’ll consider our services.

Kentucky Home Exteriors is the Bluegrass State’s most reliable construction contractor for James Hardie Siding. In our view, along with the opinion of many homeowners, that’s the best way to guarantee a long-lasting siding system, and modernize your exterior appearance immediately.

Contact us today for a free inspection whenever you experience any of these common siding problems.

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