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Common Signs of Improperly Installed Windows

improperly installed windows

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Improperly installed windows can cause you a lot of trouble. Not only will they look bad and affect your home’s energy efficiency and safety, but they will also cost you money.

To avoid these problems, hiring experienced and qualified professionals for your window installation is crucial.

Why Are Improperly Installed Windows a Problem?

Poor installation compromises the window’s ability to provide proper insulation, leading to energy inefficiency. Drafts, heat loss in winter, and heat gain in summer can increase energy bills and make your home less comfortable.

Improper installation also means more wear and tear on the windows, reducing their lifespan. The stress on the frame, seals, and other components may cause your windows to deteriorate faster.

Many window manufacturers provide warranties that are contingent on proper installation. If your windows are installed incorrectly and issues arise, the warranty may be voided.

Poorly installed windows can also impact your home’s aesthetic appeal and value. Potential buyers don’t want to deal with window issues which may affect the sale of your house.

Signs of Improperly Installed Windows

Drafts and Air Leaks: A drafty window is an obvious sign of an installation issue. It may be that your window doesn’t fit well, or it could be that the installer did a poor job with the caulking. Messy caulking is another sign that your window installation wasn’t done well.

Water Leaks and Moisture Issues: WIndows are supposed to keep moisture out. So if your windows are leaking or you notice water stains or moisture accumulation, something’s wrong. Water issues could mean your window wasn’t sealed properly during installation or has improper flashing. 

Windows That Don’t Work Properly: A window should open and close easily. If your windows stick, are hard to open and close, or don’t lock properly, they have been installed poorly. These issues could be from misalignment, improper sizing, or hardware issues. Poorly installed windows can negatively impact your home’s aesthetic appeal and overall value. Potential buyers may be deterred by the prospect of dealing with window issues, and the condition of windows can affect the resale value.

Condensation Between the Window Panes: If the seal on your windows is broken, it allows moisture to enter between the glass layers. You can identify a damaged seal by condensation or fogging between a double or triple-glazed window.

Visible Gaps: If your window installer uses poor techniques, incorrect measurements, and insufficient shimming, there will be visible gaps around your windows.

Cracked Panes and Warped Frames: Structural issues or excessive pressure during installation can cause the window panes to crack. Incorrect installation techniques, poor-quality windows, and improper storage can also cause window frames to warp.

Noise: If your noisy neighbors are louder than usual, your windows could be to blame. When your windows don’t offer good insulation or have gaps, you can hear outside noises louder.

Trust Our Team of Expert Installers

We take a customer-focused approach based on 25 years of collective experience. All of our installers have been personally trained by the manufacturers. This training helps our window installers be the experts you need for professional installation.

Not only do we use products with company-backed warranties, but we also offer a lifetime workmanship warranty. For example, if there is a problem five or ten years after installation, we will come out and fix the problem at no cost. That means you can be sure that your windows are installed correctly.

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If you are worried about improperly installed windows, contact us for an inspection.

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