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When choosing door colors for your exterior remodel, you have the chance to make a real design statement.

Gone are the days of staid and boring entry doors. Fiberglass and steel doors can be stained or painted in a large variety of colors and textures. That means your entry door can be an exciting part of your home design rather than an afterthought.

But choosing the right color for your entry door replacement can be challenging. With so many options, you may need help choosing just one.

How to Choose Door Colors for Your Home

When choosing door colors for your replacement doors, here are a few hints and tips to help make the process easier.

  • For a more traditional look, go for dark, rich colors and natural wood stains.
  • You can get creative and choose bold color options for a more modern aesthetic.
  • Consider contrasting your door with a light color if you have dark siding.
  • A dark entry door can be an eye-catching statement if you have light siding.
  • Choose the color for your door outside so you can see what the door will look like in natural sunlight.


Doors can be stained to look like natural wood, giving you the option of a traditional aesthetic without the maintenance issues of natural wood. Traditional stains also allow you to use ornate hardware such as brass knockers.

Cherry and Mahogany Stains

Cherry and mahogany stains like coffee, nutmeg, hazelnut, chestnut, cinnamon, and coffee bean are warm, dark shades that offer richness and warmth to your entry door. These are traditional stains and work well with lighter siding.

Oak, Knotty Alder, and Fir Stains

Try honey, wheat, caramel, almond, ginger, pecan, and espresso for a lighter wood stain. These contrast beautifully with dark siding and have a traditional feel with a modern twist.

Classic Paint Colors

If you are looking at painted doors, but don’t want anything too crazy, consider a classic palette.

Sandstone and Clay

Sandstone and Clay are warm and gentle neutral tones that look great on traditional or modern homes. You can use them with various siding colors, and they look clean and elegant.

Shades of Red

For a cheery pop of color, try a red shade on your entry door. A warm berry tone could be the answer if bold red is out of your comfort zone. It offers understated elegance with a hint of personality that works well with dark or light siding.


Green tones are popular entry door colors whether you opt for a dark forest green or a gentle sage. Forest green works particularly well with red brick, and sage green contrasts beautifully with dark or light siding. Green is a relaxing and peaceful color ideal for your home exterior.


Blue is a calming color that goes well with other shades because it has grey undertones. That means that blue doors work well with beige or greige siding.


Painting your entry door black gives your home a traditional and elegant feel while still making a statement. It is a stark contrast to light siding that will give your home instant curb appeal.

Fresh Color Options

If you are looking for more vibrant colors, try avocado or plum. These offer a fresh take on more traditional colors and will certainly set your home apart from the others on the street.

Vibrant Color Choices

If you are ready to make a bold color choice for your entry door, try a deep blue that offers a fun spin on a traditional color or burnt orange, which complements the soft tones of wood siding.

Ask the Experts about Door Colors

At Kentucky Home Exteriors, we use ProVia doors. You can order the door in the color of your choice, which can be stained, painted, or glazed. The color is put on in the factory for a perfect finish, and ProiVa offers a 10 to 15-year warranty.

If you are interested in door colors for your door replacement, contact us to learn more.

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