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Factors to Consider When Purchasing Replacement Windows

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What should homeowners pay the most attention to when purchasing replacement windows?

In Kentucky, we rely on windows to guard us from thunderstorms, snow, outside noises, and more. Even if you take them for granted, you’ll realize how important they are when some of them get old and compromised. Therefore, it’s important to know when to replace your windows to avoid problems like intrusive air, poor aesthetics, and even security concerns.

When Is It Time to Get Replacement Windows?

Of course, the first thing a homeowner must do is determine whether they need new windows, or if they should wait a while. Generally, you’ll know it’s time for an upgrade when you encounter problems like . . .

  • Cracked glass in your windows.
  • Windows that are so old, you don’t know if they’ve EVER been replaced.
  • The panes show lots of wear and tear.
  • They’re hard to open or shut properly.
  • The rest of your exterior is much more modern, whereas the windows appear outdated.

So, if you’ve encountered these issues, then you know it’s time to shop around for an improvement. Next, you’ll want to think about how many windows you want to replace. Are you getting cold/warm drafts only in certain spots, or is it a comprehensive problem all throughout your house?

Kentucky Home Exteriors would be happy to perform an inspection and offer advice on whether to replace either some or all of your windows. Once you have that decided, your next step is to explore brands and styles that correspond with the rest of your exterior scheme.

What are the Best Brands & Styles for Replacement Windows?

Many of our clients ask us about the best brands available when they want to replace their windows. There are MANY options available, but Kentucky residents flock toward high-quality makers like Pella or Marvin. One way to find what you like is to visit their websites and explore their offerings.

Popular Window Installation Options in Kentucky

Once you do that you’ll come across various window styles.

  1. Single-Hung – These offer minimal chance for leakage with an immobile top pane; generally more affordable than double-hung windows.
  2. Double-Hung – You can open these windows from either the top or bottom, and they’re very popular on classy homes throughout Kentucky.
  3. Awning – There are many options for classic awning-style windows. These are the kind you crank open (like casement windows), and they’re also almost invulnerable to rain intrusion.
  4. Casement – You wouldn’t put these all over your property, but they’re a delightful novelty here and there. They open at more of an angle, coming off of a side hinge.
  5. Bay Windows – Bay windows are among the most premium you can purchase, but they involve extensive renovation. That’s because they actually extend the room outward to create a bay area beyond the rest of the wall boundary. These are wonderful for bringing more light into your home.

Finally, you’ll want to consider the materials you would want for your windows. While wood and vinyl windows remain popular, we find more customers trending toward other options like fiberglass.

Fiberglass Windows & James Hardie Siding

One of the popular ways to approach window replacement is to pair fiberglass windows with the exceptional fiber-cement material in James Hardie Siding. These two complement each other well because it’s easy to find the same sharp aesthetic, with plenty of dynamic color choices. Plus, fiberglass and fiber cement siding are terrific ways to insulate your home and promote energy efficiency.

Kentucky Home Exteriors: Your Top Contractor for Window, Siding, & Door Replacement

It’s never a good idea to trust major home improvement projects (including new windows) to the first contractor that comes along. We encourage you to do some research, compare brands, and ask questions.

So, for folks in Lexington, Louisville, Nicholasville, Bowling Green, or any other part of Kentucky, we’d be happy to meet you and share more information about our services.

If you’d like to learn more about replacement windows, then you’re always welcome to contact Kentucky Home Exteriors for friendly customer assistance.

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