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How James Hardie Siding Performs Against Wind and Hail

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James Hardie siding is extremely durable and ideal for harsh weather conditions like wind and hail. Hardie siding is low-maintenance and robust enough to keep your home safe no matter the climate. At Kentucky Home Exteriors, we trust James Hardie products; they are our #1 choice for Louisville customers.

Fighting the Elements: James Hardie Siding vs. Wind and Hail

From baseball-sized hail to tornadoes, Kentucky has seen some crazy weather, so choosing a durable and strong siding is critical for protecting your home.

Wind Resistance

James Hardie has designed siding with strong winds in mind. HardiePlank lap siding is approved for installation in areas with wind speeds up to 200mph. Hardie siding interlocks and it stays firmly attached to your house when installed with secure fastenings.

James Hardie has a one-of-a-kind research facility where they evaluate their products and confirm the findings using independent agencies. Hardie products have been found to resist some of the highest code-prescribed wind speeds.

Hardie siding’s unique composition and installation is what sets it apart from other siding materials in how well it handles the wind. It is solid, heavy, and made from Portland cement, silica sand, water, and cellulose fibers.

Hail Resistance

James Hardie siding is relatively resistant to hail. The thickness of the siding and its composition offers a level of protection against dents and scratches. The fiber cement substrate and baked-on ColorPlus technology help Hardie siding resist hail damage.

However, no siding is impervious to large hail like Kentucky has seen lately. James Hardie has been tested and designed to resist minor to moderate hail impact, but it is a good idea to keep on top of maintenance and inspect your siding after a large hail storm.

The HardieZone System

James Hardie has created a unique HardieZone System incorporating two distinct product lines based on climate factors.

HZ5 System

The HZ5 System offers a reduced water absorption rate, superior paint adhesion, and moisture resistance.

This system can withstand:

  • Ice/hail
  • Snow
  • Freezing temperatures

HZ10 System

The HZ10 System resists cracking, splitting, and swelling.

This system can withstand:

  • Humid heat
  • Salty air
  • Hurricane-force winds

Factors Influencing Siding Performance

High-quality siding is one thing, but other factors influence how well your James Hardie siding will cope with hail and strong winds.

Installation: Your materials are only as good as the installation. High-quality materials installed poorly will compromise the siding’s performance. James Hardie installation requires specialized equipment and expert knowledge.

Underlayment: Your siding is part of a system that protects your home, and each component is important. Unfortunately, not all building codes require a house wrap, but a professional company will know how crucial it is for protecting the underlying structures behind your siding. If your home is damaged by wind or hail, a house wrap will safeguard against excessive moisture damage.

Maintenance: Regularly inspecting your siding and keeping up with repairs can improve its performance against wind and hail. Be sure to check for loose panels and keep drainage systems clear.

Kentucky Home Exteriors – Your Local James Hardie Siding Experts

At Kentucky Home Exteriors, we choose James Hardie every time and pride ourselves on being Hardie preferred contractors. Our teams are trained directly by manufacturers, and with over 25 years of collective experience, we know how to install safe and secure siding.

We aren’t interested in selling products. Instead, we listen to the wants and needs of our customers and help them create a home that is not only beautiful but also designed to withstand our Kentucky climate.

So, if you need a siding replacement and want to learn more about James Hardie siding, contact us for a free in-person consultation.

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