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How To Prepare Your Home For Window Replacement

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Are you ready to undergo a window replacement for one or more areas around your home?

Fortunately, there isn’t too much you have to do to get ready for this task. That’s because Kentucky Home Exteriors can take care of everything and make it easy.

However, there are a few things to consider before signing a contract and switching out your windows. Always make sure you do your homework and complete these simple preparatory considerations before doing anything with your windows.

Window Replacement Preparation – Is There Any Damage?

Again, you won’t have to address this by yourself, but many homeowners want to know how long a window installation lasts, and it depends on if we find damage. Anytime we replace windows or doors, there’s the potential for problems like wood rot and other structural deterioration. If that’s the case, then it might make the project last a few more hours.

Granted, the length of the project has a lot more to do with how many windows there are, and how elaborate your replacement selections are. Something like a bay or bow window will obviously take longer, requires lots of careful measurement and construction, and costs more, too. If, however, you want us to set up some simple single-hung windows, then it doesn’t take as long to accomplish that.

Ask Your Window Replacement Crew the Right Questions

You should take your time when working with any construction contractor. A reputable one, like Kentucky Home Exteriors, will be eager to answer questions and discover exactly what you want from new windows. Therefore, we recommend asking some decent probing questions.

  1. How much do windows cost and what does the warranty coverage look like?
  2. Do you recommend a particular brand of windows (i.e., Pella, Marvin, etc.)?
  3. How do I know I really need to replace my windows?
  4. Does your company offer financing options if I decide to pursue an expensive project to replace every window?

This isn’t an exhaustive list, either. The point is that you should think of pertinent questions to ask our project managers. It’s a smart way to avoid feeling blind-sided by anything once everything is finished.

Explore the Various Window Styles

Did you know there are a plethora of window styles to consider?

In the old days, you had a choice of either basic vinyl or wood, and neither had sophisticated enhancements like low-e glass, argon-gas panes, or as many ornate designs. Today, thanks to the innovation of several manufacturers, you have a lot more options. These are just a few of the ones that are popular among Kentucky homeowners.

  • Single-Hung Windows – Here, the top of the window stays in place, while you open it from the bottom. It’s a smart and effective way to minimize future leak problems and enjoy energy efficiency.
  • Double-Hung Windows – These traditional windows open from either the top or bottom. You can manipulate them to allow better ventilation and sunlight to enter your home.
  • Casement Windows – Casement windows are hinge-operated and work well in bathrooms when you swing one open for extra ventilation after a shower.
  • Bay Windows – You can make your living room or other area appear even larger with a bay window that curves or extends beyond the home. It’s popular for folks who want a private “bay” for reading next to a window on a sunny afternoon.

Kentucky Home Exteriors: Your Best Resource for Window, Siding, and Door Replacement

Besides our fast and effective window service, Kentucky Home Exteriors is also the best small business contractor for replacing doors or installing James Hardie Siding. Everything we do comes with plenty of financing options, warranty guarantee (which we always honor), and nothing less than the most thorough workmanship. This service is available all over Kentucky: from Louisville to Owensboro or Lexington to Covington.

If you’re interested in learning more about window replacement, then get a quote from us today and discover the many benefits of new modern windows in your home.

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