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How to Protect Your Siding During the Winter

protect your siding during the winter

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Kentucky winters can be rough on your home, so it is essential to protect your siding during the cold winter months.

The best way to do this is to keep on top of maintenance throughout the year and have your siding installed by a professional company that will do an excellent job.

That being said, there are a few things that you can do in the weeks before winter to ensure that your siding is secure and ready to work efficiently through harsh conditions.

Why it is Important to Protect Your Siding

It’s important to protect your siding because it will help your home be well-insulated and energy-efficient at the time of year you need it most.

When you neglect the maintenance of your home siding, it can lead to significant issues that could require spending thousands of dollars to repair.

Siding takes a beating through winter, and the cold and wet conditions will exacerbate any maintenance issues. That is why you should prep your siding to get the most out of it this winter.

Wood, Vinyl, and Fiber Cement Siding

Whether you have wood, vinyl, or fiber cement siding, there are maintenance tips and tricks that you can use to help weatherproof your siding for winter.

Vinyl is the easiest material to prepare for the colder months, and you simply need to give it a gentle rinse to remove any stains, dust, and grime.

If you have wood siding, a coat of sealant will go a long way to waterproof it and prevent moisture from seeping in.

Fiber cement siding, like James Hardie, is the most durable and weather-resistant, but you should check if the caulking is intact.

Easy Ways to Protect Your Siding This Winter

If you have chosen a quality siding material that was professionally installed, it should make it through harsh winters with no problems.

But there are some simple things you can do to help your siding work more efficiently through winter.

Get Cleaning

Give your siding a gentle clean. You can find cleaning kits at your local hardware store for James Hardie and vinyl siding that allow you to remove any dust, mold, or grime gently.

It’s vital that you use a gentle cleaning method and not a high-pressure washer, as this can damage your siding, making it susceptible to further damage during winter.

Check Your Gutters

Siding is designed to be waterproof, and snow will generally not stick to your siding.

But, if your gutters are clogged, then a build-up of water and snow can run onto your siding and damage it.

It’s critical that you check your gutters for any cracks and holes and clear them of debris.

Inspect Your Siding

Take a walk around your home and inspect your siding. Look for any gaps and ensure it is properly secured.

If you notice any chips, dents, or loose boards, repair them yourself or call a professional to help prep your siding before winter hits.

Snip and Prune

James Hardie siding can be damaged by shrubbery and branches, so be sure to prune your plants so that they do not brush up against the side of your home.

Check for any low-hanging branches and clear any broken branches off your roof. This will prevent snow build-up and extra moisture from running onto your siding.

Make Speedy Repairs

It’s important to make speedy repairs when you find a problem. Don’t wait for minor issues to become significant maintenance concerns, especially in the lead-up to winter.

Choose the Best Company to Install Your Siding

When you choose a professional company like Kentucky Home Exteriors, you will get a manufacturer warranty and our lifetime workmanship warranty. If you have any issues with your siding, we are there to fix them.

We know that installing siding correctly is one of the best ways to protect your siding, so contact us for your siding needs.

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