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Is Fiber Cement Siding Worth the Investment?

fiber cement siding

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Fiber cement siding is a worthwhile investment for your Kentucky home.

It has great curb appeal and will protect your home and provide you with a low-maintenance and effective siding option.

Fiber cement siding is costly upfront, but it offers a great return on investment and will increase the value of your home.

Why Fiber Cement Siding is Worth the Investment

Fiber cement board is made from a mixture of cement and cellulose plant fiber. When these two materials are combined, they create a new product that is strong, durable, and resistant to many of the issues that plague other siding options.

The perceived value of fiber cement board is a lot more than the project’s actual cost, making it one of the top return-on-investment home improvement projects you can do. The synthetic fiber cement substance is flexible, doesn’t get brittle over time, and is a quality and beautiful product.


James Hardie siding is fire resistant and is not capable of catching fire or burning. Not only does this offer you peace of mind, but it can also lower your insurance premium costs.


Fiber cement boards can withstand ice, snow, drought, rain, and hail. It won’t warp with the heat or swell with moisture.


Not only will your siding resist the elements, but it will also be safe from insects and animals. With fiber cement siding, you won’t need to worry about termites.

Unlike wood and vinyl siding, fiber cement board isn’t prone to rot or mold issues. Fiber cement products like James Hardie siding won’t crack, fade, or peel over time. That is because the colors used baked-on technology that can withstand the elements.

Low Maintenance

Caring for your fiber cement boards is quick and straightforward. It needs a gentle wash with mild soap to remove dust and grime, and you can extend its lifespan by emptying your gutters and keeping shrubbery trimmed.

Fiber cement boards are a painted product, and you will need to repaint them after 15 to 20 years.

Fiber Cement Siding is Only as Good as the Company that Installs It

Like any siding, fiber cement is only as good as the company that installs it.

You want a company that uses the highest quality materials and has a full-proof installation process.

James Hardie siding is a specialist product and requires professionally trained installers. When installed by factory-trained experts, it comes with a great warranty.

But, you can only use this durable material’s benefits if the company that installs it is bonded, insured, and properly trained.

Why is James Hardie Siding Our Preferred Choice?

James Hardie is our preferred siding at Kentucky Home Exteriors because it is weather-resistant, beautiful, and low maintenance.

It comes with 11 000 days, 100% no proration cover that is transferable, covers hail damage, and comes with a class-A fire rating.

It is highly customizable, with several surface textures and colors available. It is also suitable for historical areas where it can be used in place of wood siding.

It can look like other siding materials, allowing you to custom-design the siding that works best for your home and neighborhood.

This low-maintenance and durable siding will save you money in the long run, and you can easily maintain it.

James Hardie Siding is the Best Product for Kentucky Homeowners

James Hardie siding is the product we recommend for your home during a free consultation. We stand behind the product and its efficiency and know we can install it properly.

So, if you are considering fiber cement siding, contact us for a free consultation to discuss your options.

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