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Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Window Replacement Contractor

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What should you ask your window replacement contractor before hiring them for such an important job?

Intelligent homeowners always ask questions and demand accountability of the trade specialists they hire for serious home improvements. Windows, doors, and siding are no exception to this smart practice. In this article, we’ll explore the most pertinent “must ask” questions you should present to your window installer.

Top Questions for Window Replacement Contractor

  1. How Long Have You Been in a Business as a Contractor?
    • This is important because you want to make sure a company has experienced staff. Otherwise, you risk getting windows that degrade too soon, or open/shut poorly.
  2. Do You Have References from Previous Clients?
    • One way to verify the answer you get from the first question is to ask about references and testimonials. If the contractor is worth their salt, they can furnish a portfolio of past projects with satisfied clients.
  3. Can You Recommend Window Brands?
    • The best contractors will be happy to show you various window brands from top manufacturers like Pella, Marvin, and Harvey.
  4. Will You Give Me a Free Estimate?
    • Never do business with an exterior contractor who tries to get you to sign a contract without providing a clear cost estimate first.
  5. What Exactly Would Appear in a Window Installation Contract?
    • We couldn’t call ourselves “contractors” without a written contract. What should you find in that document? It should give clear and concise information on the type and quantity of the products, details about warranty terms, financing orders, prices, and change order charges.

Other Important Considerations

There are plenty of other ancillary and probing questions to ask, so don’t view this list as exhaustive. While they’re showing you their previous projects, always double check that they’re licensed, bonded, and insured to do their work. This is even more essential with siding projects, but it’s important for window installation, too.

The other way to research a company is to spend some time on their website, essentially the online headquarters for their brand. That’s where you can identify which services they offer (i.e., windows, siding, door installation), pictures of their handiwork, and a list of service areas. There should also be plenty of ways to contact them via email, phone, and so forth.

How Do You Know You’re Ready for New Windows?

Finally, let’s wrap up the discussion with one other fundamental question, one to ask yourself: Do I NEED new windows?

Believe it or not, there are tangible ways to determine when you should give up those old ones for something better. Here are a few signs you need a window replacement:

  • Some (or all) of your windows are extremely hard to open or shut.
  • You want to pursue more modern windows that will match the rest of our exterior components and landscaping decor. Window replacement is a popular way to enhance curb appeal.
  • Your current windows don’t lock very well, making them a significant home security liability.
  • You’re losing a lot of money on higher utility bills, and the hot/cold air coming through the windows is a major culprit.

Hire Kentucky Home Exteriors: Kentucky’s Most Reliable Window Replacement Contractor

Kentucky Home Exteriors can help you resolve all those issues, beginning with a quick inspection and exploration of new window designs. Our goal isn’t to force any particular product on to you, but to help you determine the best course of action when you know you probably need new windows. That’s our approach for all home exterior tasks: windows, siding, and doors.

If you need a window replacement contractor that won’t cut corners or try to upsell you on everything, then contact Kentucky Home Exteriors for first-rate service.

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