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The Average Cost of Replacement Windows in Kentucky

cost of replacement windows

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Today, let’s focus on the cost of replacement windows for homeowners around Kentucky. This is one of the chief concerns for our clients since they’d like to know how long it would take to recover an ROI from their purchase.

Kentucky Home Exteriors can show you what determines window costs. We’ll also explain why it’s well worth the price tag if your current windows are in severe disrepair.

How to Assess the Cost of Replacement Windows in Residential Homes

One way to assess the cost of new windows is to spend some time researching department store websites or even visiting them in person. You can learn the lay of the land and compare prices faster and easier than ever right from your computer or smartphone. The typical venues like Home Depot or Lowe’s will carry most of the popular brands and styles.

According to Bob Vila’s website, there’s a wide range in window costs, spanning anywhere from about $180 to just over $2,000 per window across America. The average is right around $500, but doesn’t include labor fees.

There are few factors to research if you want to know why certain windows cost more than others.

  • Glass Type – ornate patterns cost more; special low-e glass for UV protection does as well.
  • Window Pane Thickness – manufacturers now make panes that are as much as three inches thick, and sometimes filled with argon gas for insulation.
  • Frame Material – there are many material choices, including wood, vinyl, and fiberglass.
  • Premium Windows – if you wish to install bay/bow windows or anything elaborate, those cost more than simpler options.

Many Benefits to Replacing Old or Worn Out Windows

If the cost estimates bother you, then it might help to recall the many terrific benefits to pursuing this project. Again, you will get a solid ROI on this. Here’s a short list of fantastic reasons to switch out those decades-old windows for something more modern.

  • Energy Savings – this is the big one nowadays, especially when we have to combat the cold air of Kentucky winters, and the hot in during the summer.
  • Way Better Curb Appeal – home sellers have to pay attention to the aesthetics of their windows, doors, siding, roof, and other exterior components if they wish to sell for a high price.
  • It’s Quieter, Too – those thicker window panes block all the outside noise, which is essential if you live near a highway (or have obnoxious neighbors).
  • Keep the Pollen and Allergies Away – because windows assist in our struggle against ragweed and the other stuff floating around the air in the spring and summer.

How Do I Maintain My New Windows?

Finally, you’ll want to implement a few preventative upkeep habits that will extend your windows’ lifespan. The good news is that modern windows do not require tons of maintenance, but there are a few ways to care for your windows properly.

It mostly boils down to doing inspections once in a while, cleaning the glass, making sure the caulking/sealant doesn’t erode, and keeping debris out of the tracks. When in doubt about the condition of your windows, never hesitate to call Kentucky Home Exteriors for a quick inspection or to ask questions.

Call us Today to Learn More About the Cost of Replacement Windows

Our prompt and reliable services are available to residential homeowners all throughout Kentucky. This covers replacement installation for windows, doors, and premium James Hardie Siding.

It’s important to acknowledge that window replacement isn’t a cheap project. However, we hope you’ll think of it as a worthwhile investment, one that will pay for itself with lower utility costs in just a short time.

Contact Kentucky Home Exteriors anytime for a price estimate to gain a more exact quote for the cost of replacement windows in your home.

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