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The Benefits of Hiring a Professional Door Installer

professional door installer

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Why should you hire a professional door installer to replace the doors around your home?

Well, the alternative is to either hire a handyman or try to do it on your own. As a door installation contractor, we don’t recommend these options, and would like to explain the many problems with taking the DIY approach here.

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Door Installer

  1. Most Reliable Workmanship
    • Most of us know you get more precise and higher quality work from a veteran than a rookie or journeyman. This is true with door installation, too. For example, experienced installers will know the little nuances like making sure the shim faces the door’s hinge pin.
  2. Dependable Insulation
    • Most people decide to change their doors because they believe it will help save electricity (which it will). This only works if you get the most perfect fit possible though. You’re more likely to achieve this by hiring someone who performs this task all the time.
  3. We’ll Clean up the Leftover Debris
    • Especially if it’s a wood door, there’s bound to be a lot of debris and mess to remove. Fortunately, the guys at Kentucky Home Exteriors always clean up after themselves before leaving.
  4. This Saves Lots of Time
    • We certainly wouldn’t hold it past somebody to really take their time and put together a door after following a YouTube video. Changes are, however, even if done correctly, it’ll take much longer than if you hired a pro. We can help you avoid losing an entire afternoon on this project.

Drawbacks to DIY Door Installation

Hopefully, now that you know the significant advantages to hiring a pro for door installation, you won’t mess around with the DIY method. However, just for good measures, we’d like to mention the drawbacks to doing this task without help.

  • Many modern doors are very heavy (often over 80 pounds). If you go to install your own steel, wood, or fiberglass door, lacking expertise and experience, you risk getting hurt if all that weight lands on top of you somehow.
  • It’s also possible to damage a high-quality door with poor installation.
  • Even if you’re off just a little with your measurements, the door may sag, squeak, allow air to enter underneath, or become unable to lock.
  • Finally, you may not know what to do with the old door. If you hire us for the task, we’ll take the old materials off your hands and leave you with nothing but a top-notch finish.

When Should You Replace a Worn Out Door?

How do you know you even need a new door installation from a professional contractor?

You’ll know you need a door replacement after encountering problems like sagging, jamming, sticking, or lost insulation. One simple test is to look under each of your doors and check to see if any outdoor light is coming in from underneath it. If so, you know you’re inviting in lots of hot/cold air, and probably overworking your HVAC.

It might also become very difficult to get an old door to latch properly. Finally, we also serve customers who seek to modernize their exterior decor with not only new doors but also replacement windows and/or premium James Hardie Siding.

Hire Kentucky Home Exteriors: The Bluegrass State’s Best Professional Door Installer

Kentucky Home Exteriors can help you select and install any modern door design you desire for various thresholds around your home.

Many of our Louisville clients hire us for various fiberglass entry doors from top brands, like Heritage, which earn full Energy Star certifications. There are many beautiful finishes, including Mahogany, Oak, Cherry, and Knotty Alder wood grain. It’s also easier than ever to select beautiful doors to match your windows, shutters, and other components.

Contact Kentucky Home Exteriors today to work with a reputable and professional door installer in Louisville, Lexington, Bowling Green, and surrounding areas.

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