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The Best Time of Year For a Siding Replacement Project

siding replacement project

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The best time for a siding replacement project is when you need it! If your siding is in bad shape, replacing it is necessary, regardless of the time of year. But, if it’s time for a siding replacement but not urgent, you can schedule it at a time that is more convenient and considers budget and the weather.

A Siding Replacement Project Depends on Numerous Factors

Weather can play a part in deciding the best time for your siding replacement project. Extreme weather can make installation tricky, and it may even take longer. Contractors are also busier in the warmer months, which means you will need to book far in advance and be prepared to pay premium prices.

If you are replacing your siding pre-emptively, you have more options. However, if your siding is severely compromised, you may have to take your chances with the weather and busy contractors.

Assess Seasonal Pros and Cons

Spring and Fall are the most popular times for siding replacement projects. They are seasons with milder weather, moderate temperatures, and less extreme humidity. It’s also helpful to replace your siding before heading into Summer and Winter, which have more extreme weather. Your siding is vital to your home’s insulation and energy efficiency, and you want it to perform during Summer and Winter.

It’s best to avoid having a siding replacement during harsh weather like rain, snow, and freezing temperatures. Not only can these conditions slow down the project, but they can also make the whole experience more uncomfortable for you. In saying that, some contractors offer specials and discounts during the slower months. So, if you are on a budget, having a siding replacement at a less popular time of year may be an option.

Consider the Type of Siding

At Kentucky Home Exteriors, we specialize in James Hardie siding. This fiber cement product can be installed all year round because it is durable and moisture-resistant. However, if you opt for a more budget-friendly option like vinyl, you want to choose a milder season, like early Spring or Fall.

Vinyl expands in heat and contracts in the cold, making precise installation more challenging. Wood siding should be installed during drier seasons because it is particularly prone to water damage and may swell or warp during installation if it absorbs too much moisture.

Signs You Need a Siding Replacement

Do you regularly inspect your siding? If not, you should because it is the easiest way to spot minor issues before they become major problems.

Here are some common siding options and signs they need to be replaced:

Vinyl Siding

  • Cracking or Warping: Visible cracks or warping can be from age, exposure to extreme temperatures, or impact damage.
  • Fading and Discoloration: Sun exposure can cause faded or discolored sections of vinyl siding. 
  • Signs of Moisture: Bubbling, peeling paint, or signs of moisture behind the siding can indicate water infiltration.

Wood Siding

  • Rot or Decay: Soft spots, splintering, or visible rot show that your siding has deteriorated due to moisture exposure.
  • Peeling or Chipping Paint: Frequent peeling or chipping paint is a sign that the siding is not holding up well against the elements.
  • Visible Insect Damage: Termites or other wood-boring insects can cause significant damage, requiring replacement.

Fiber Cement Siding

  • Cracks or Chips: Cracks or chips in fiber cement siding can compromise its durability and appearance.
  • Impact Damage: If you notice impact damage on your siding, it’s best to replace the damaged sections to prevent moisture damage.

Kentucky Home Exteriors: Available for Your Siding Replacement Project All Year Round

We understand that replacing your siding is a significant investment, which is why we have a customer-focused approach. We would love to answer any questions you have about your siding replacement project, so phone or email us to set up a free in-person consultation.

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