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The Best Type of Wood For Wood Framed Windows

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Wood framed windows have a classic charm that makes them popular in Kentucky. Not only do they complement various architectural styles, but they are versatile and add character to your home. Pine, mahogany, and Douglas fir are the most popular options, with many companies choosing to make windows in these options.

Choosing Wood Framed Windows

When choosing wood framed windows, you want a species that offers a good balance of durability, stability, and beauty. At Kentucky Home Exteriors, we recommend Pella, Marvin, and Harvey windows. Harvey uses solid Ponderosa pine wood components in their majesty product line.

Pella uses pine, mahogany, and Douglas fir. Their Pella Reserve and Architect series also use White Oak, Red Oak, and Cherry. Marvin uses pine, Douglas fir, and Honduran mahogany, although pine is the go-to choice.


Mahogany is popular for its beauty and stability and can last decades with proper maintenance. The reddish-brown color offers a timeless elegance, but it also takes finishes well and can be stained or painted.

Mahogany has a fine, straight grain with a strong texture and oily finish that is perfect for window frames. It is easy to work with and is also resistant to moisture, decay, and insects. Mahogany won’t warp because it has a low level of movement from changes in humidity and temperature.


Pine is a soft wood with a light color and straight grain. Its high resin content makes it durable and its also breathable. Being a light wood, pine wood framed windows are easy to mount. Pine is flexible and can be used for rectangular windows or other shapes. It also offers excellent thermal efficiency.

This cost-effective option can be stained, painted, or left plain for a natural rustic look. Pine is also sustainable because it is often sourced from sustainable forests. The only drawback with pine window frames is that they are prone to scratches and dents.

Douglas Fir

Douglas fir is a strong, durable window frame option. It has a straight grain that offers a clean and consistent appearance. It has a light reddish-brown color, lighter than mahogany, although it is a more affordable option.

Douglas fir is popular for its excellent structural integrity and workability. It is stable and won’t warp, making it ideal for window frames. It is also more moisture-resistant than some other soft woods.

Why Choose Kentucky Home Exteriors for Your Wood Framed Windows?

With over 25 years of industry experience, we have developed great relationships with quality suppliers. We aren’t focused on selling you products. Instead, we want to listen to your wants and needs and help you create the home of your dreams.

Here is a look at our process:

  • Discovery: We discuss your project goals, timeline, and budget to determine if we’re a good fit for your family’s project.
  • Consultation: We’ll meet in person to educate you on your options, listen to understand your vision in person, and take the necessary pictures and measurements
  • Presentation: We’ll present you with a detailed quote and project renderings, and on acceptance, we’ll present you with a timeline and schedule the work.
  • Peace of Mind: We will complete your project on time and within budget, with the professional communication and the service you deserve.

Here are a few more reasons we are the #1 choice for window replacements in Kentucky.

  • We only take on a few projects at a time
  • We offer competitive pricing and pay our installers better than the competition
  • We offer a lifetime workmanship warranty
  • We use Hover, a type of 3D imaging software, which provides a rendering of what your home will look like after the job, as well as measures your home up to ½ an inch

#1 Rated Kentucky Window Company

We love what we do and know that we can deliver outstanding quality and a customer-focused process that makes your window replacement a breeze. If you want to learn more about wood framed windows for your window replacement, contact us for a free in-person consultation.

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