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The Pros and Cons of Fiberglass Windows

pros and cons of fiberglass windows

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What are the most significant pros and cons to installing fiberglass windows in your Kentucky residence?

Fiberglass is a synthetic material that manufacturers have produced for over the last few decades to offset the problems with traditional materials like wood or vinyl. While it’s not a “bargain brand,” per se, it has several advantages like better insulation, aesthetic opportunities, and longer life cycles. Let’s check out why that is, and determine whether it’s time to consider a window replacement.

Pros of Selecting Fiberglass Windows

  • Temperature Resistant
    • Fiberglass is much less vulnerable to hot and cold, whereas wood windows may struggle with expansion and contraction when we change seasons.
  • Narrower Frames; More Window
    • To achieve the same durability and insulation, a vinyl window requires much thicker frames. Fiberglass, on the other hand, has a narrower frame, which affords more room for glass, and therefore a larger window and better outdoor view.
  • Eight Times Stronger Than Vinyl
    • This means you have a much more heavy-duty window that can withstand hail, projectiles, and anything else you throw at them.
  • Terrific Energy Efficiency
    • They’re also about 15% more energy efficient than typical vinyl windows. So, if you want to truly maximize insulation and efficiency, you can pair these windows up with some fiber cement siding from James Hardie.
  • Gorgeous Color & Design Options
    • Window brands like Pella offer many beautiful window selections. This is where you can really beautify your home and increase property value in one purchase. Plus, if you still appreciate the wooden aesthetic, there are many fiberglass options made to mimic that classic appearance.
  • Noise Reduction
    • The strong insulation and durability also accompanies a better chance to eliminate all the aggravating outside noises.

Cons Against Fiberglass Windows

Are there any cons to installing fiberglass?

Thankfully, this list isn’t as long as the pros, hence why we promote the Pella fiberglass options to our customers. Perhaps the greatest potential drawback is the cost. Then again, when you pursue a higher quality product, there’s always a higher price tag. Also, these windows may be a little harder to install, which is why you’ll need to locate a professional (like Kentucky Home Exteriors) to help with that.

Assessing When It’s Time to Upgrade Your Home’s Windows

How do you know when it’s time to scrap your old windows for something new? Keep an out for these telltale signs you may need to replace your windows soon.

  • You experience a significant loss of energy efficiency, especially when you can rule out other contributors to the problem.
  • The current windows have visible signs of wear and tear. One of those is condensation accumulation close to the window panes. Others include cracks, rust, or broken sections of glass.
  • Perhaps you simply want to spruce up the appearance. Many homeowners choose to renovate their windows and doors in tandem with one another to achieve a wonderful new aesthetic.

Kentucky Home Exteriors: Experts Installers for Windows, Siding, & Doors

Whether you want to pursue one or many new windows around your home, we’re the ones to call for prompt installation. Don’t wait until your windows are letting in tons of cold air or you can hear every car that passes by your home. Call us soon to discover the various window options for top manufacturers like Pella, Marvin, or Harvey.

You can also count on us for effective installation of James Hardie Siding or ProVia doors. Our workmanship comes with plenty of warranty coverage and when you set an appointment with us, our guys will arrive on time. Window installation doesn’t have to be a huge chore when you hire an efficient and thorough contractor to handle the job.

Contact Kentucky Home Exteriors anytime to learn more about fiberglass windows, James Hardie Siding, or other premium exterior materials.

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