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What Are the Pros & Cons of Vinyl Siding?

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Cost-conscious homeowners are often choosing vinyl siding as an alternative to some of the more expensive siding options. However, with siding being an expensive purchase, there are some important considerations to keep in mind when making a choice.

Read on to learn more about the pros and cons of choosing vinyl for your siding.

Vinyl Can Be a Cheaper Option Because of Its Lightweight Construction

Vinyl is one of the cheaper options for siding by far, giving it a broad appeal to homeowners who want to save on their costs. Although many see vinyl as being inferior compared to options like James Hardie because of the price, new technology has allowed for more options and better durability.

This type of siding has a lighter-weight, thinner design than many other kinds. One of the advantages that come with this design is a shorter installation time, requiring a smaller crew of workers. In most cases, this siding type can be installed in as little as three or four days.

Can Vinyl Siding Have Wear-Related Issues?

Although vinyl siding is a very viable alternative to wood, there are some wear-related disadvantages that you will want to think about before making a final decision. One of the biggest complaints that a lot of homeowners have is that the wood underneath the siding can still rot, leading to more expensive repairs over time.

Vinyl can also expand and contract, which often leads to bowing and other types of damage. Another weather-related concern is sun damage, which can weaken the siding over time.

What Are Some Style and Construction-Related Issues with Vinyl?

A concern that many homeowners have with vinyl is its petroleum base. One of the downsides of vinyl is that it is one of the least fire-proof materials for siding, which is bad news for your homeowners’ insurance costs. Another concern about vinyl is the environmental impact of petroleum, a material that many homeowners prefer to avoid in products whenever possible.

As far as style goes, vinyl offers a lot of options but lacks the full customization available with brands like James Hardie. Although the extensive options available with this brand aren’t necessary for every home, many homeowners prefer to have siding that can easily mimic wood or conform to historical design details.

Does Vinyl Allow Anyone to Perform the Installation?

The brands that offer vinyl for siding lack the manufacturer-based training that exists for installers that work with other siding types. Because these programs don’t exist, it is theoretically possible for anyone to install the siding, regardless of their experience. However, this approach comes with a few potential problems for homeowners.

One of the most significant problems is that your siding could be installed by someone without any relevant experience. Such installers are likely to make serious mistakes that could require expensive repairs further down the line. An unwanted effect that may come from this type of work is not having your insurance cover any damage that occurs.

Another problem that comes from inexperienced installers is not having any warranties available for the work completed. A warranty is one of the best assurances that you have access to repairs, often free, when something goes wrong. Because manufacturers won’t work with inexperienced, unqualified installers, you run the risk of being on your own to cover repairs when something goes wrong.

What is the Best Way to Get the Ideal Siding?

When you’re in the market for siding, it helps to consult with a contractor who can introduce you to a variety of options. Although vinyl might work well for some, others may benefit from fiber cement or similar materials.

Kentucky Home Exteriors can help you with all your siding needs, no matter what your goals. Contact us today to find out about vinyl siding and other options.

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