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What Are the Pros & Cons of Wood Framed Windows?

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Wood framed windows remain one of the most popular options for homes because of the classic look that they provide. However, despite their popularity, these windows have some downsides that are worth keeping in mind. Knowing what to expect will help you make a more informed decision about your windows.

Read on to learn more about the good and the bad things to expect from wood windows.

What is the Most Durable Option for Wood Windows?

One of the most durable options if you want wood windows is to use aluminum-clad windows. These windows feature a wood frame with an aluminum exterior. You can have the advantages of a durable design for your exterior while having a classic wood look on the interior.

These windows are more durable because the part that faces outside is protected with aluminum. The aluminum results in greater durability, allowing the windows to last much longer.

Do Wood Framed Windows Offer a Lot of Color and Design Choices?

When you opt for wood framed windows, you’ll be pleased to know that you have a lot of color choices. From older homes with classic trim in traditional colors to contemporary homes with fresh, modern looks, you can find colors and designs that suit your needs well. You never have to worry about being short of good choices with these windows.

There are also many different options regarding the amount of glass a window uses. Some designs may use less glass with lower emissions, which results in greater energy efficiency overall. You can opt for greater visibility with larger window panes or designs that help reduce energy loss.

How Well Do These Windows Resist the Weather?

Although these windows resist most types of damage quite well, they are not as weather-proof as vinyl or fiberglass. You’ll see less damage to aluminum-clad wood windows from hail or wind than windows featuring only exterior wood construction.

Moisture can be a problem because of the wood frame. Although aluminum provides some protection, water from rain or ice and snow can penetrate the frames. If your windows sustain moisture damage, they are more likely to require replacement.

Expansion and contraction are also issues that you will need to consider with wood windows. Changes in temperature and humidity lead to this type of movement. When the expansion and contraction occur over a longer term, there is a possibility of damage to think about.

Will You Need to Wait Long for These Windows?

One of the downsides for many people when using wood windows is that some brands take longer to order, especially if aluminum-clad. In some circumstances, you might wait three or four months for your windows to arrive. If having new windows installed as quickly as possible is a priority, you may need to be flexible about your options.

Windows can take longer to get in, maybe three or four months if you want aluminum-clad wood. Good communication with your installer is important, so you know what sort of timeframe that you are dealing with. If the wait time is one that’s not acceptable to you, you’ll want to be able to make the necessary changes as soon as possible.

How Do You Get Started With New Windows?

Your first, most important step will be to get in touch with a contractor who handles exteriors that include windows. The professional will give you an overview of the process and give you some ideas of what you need to consider when making choices. You’ll be in better control of the situation when you have the information you need.

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