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What Makes Harvey Windows An Excellent Choice?

harvey windows an excellent choice

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Why is Harvey Windows an excellent choice for your home?

Well, with over 60 years of experience, they make industry-leading products that you can trust. We offer a lifetime workmanship warranty, and that means we choose only the best products to work with.

Let’s look at why Harvey Windows is a great choice for your window replacement.

Why Are Harvey Windows An Excellent Choice?

Harvey Windows has been in the industry for decades, and they have a reputation for being one of the best. With so many years of experience, Harvey has the knowledge and industry hints, and tips to create durable, high-performing windows. Harvey supports local manufacturing. Harvey products are manufactured in the United States, supporting the local economy. Because the products are made in the US, they are uniquely suited to local climate conditions. Whether you want classic wood or contemporary vinyl windows, Harvey has a huge selection to choose from.

Specific Qualities That Make Harvey Windows An Excellent Choice

There are many reasons to love Harvey Windows, and here are a few of them.

Quality Materials: Harvey’s wood and vinyl windows are durable and weather-resistant. Harvey vinyl windows are well known for delivering unmatched durability while requiring minimal maintenance. Harvey Majesty products’ solid Ponderosa Pine wood components have been specially treated to resist rot, degradation, splitting, warping, and mildew. 

Energy Efficiency: Harvey windows have top-rated energy-efficient performance, which helps you save on heating and cooling costs. The frames and sashes have thick walls and multiple air chambers, which create excellent thermal regulation. Low-quality windows have a high air infiltration (AI) rating. Harvey Windows have some of the best air infiltration ratings in the industry, making them a good investment. 

Variety of Styles: Harvey Windows offers endless customization options to suit any home style. Double-hung, casement, or sliding, Harvey has the windows to suit your architecture and functional preferences. 

Customization Options: Windows are an important design feature of your home. Harvey offers a range of colors and finishes. You can also customize grid patterns and add your stamp of personality with unique hardware options.

Warranty: Harvey’s warranty gives you peace of mind regarding the quality and durability of your windows. The warranty covers product parts and mechanisms but not damages from improper installation or labor. The Harvey Clear Confidence Warranty is a testament to 60 years of outstanding craftsmanship.

Your Windows Are Only As Good As The Installation

Window quality is crucial, but Harvey emphasizes a professional installation. Even high-quality windows will not perform optimally if they are not installed correctly. When trained professionals install your windows, there is less chance of air leaks or water infiltration.

Many window manufacturers have specific installation requirements for their products. Following these requirements is crucial to maintain warranty coverage. Improper installation that deviates from these guidelines may void the warranty.

Professional window installers are trained and experienced in the correct techniques for installing various types of windows. Their expertise helps avoid common installation mistakes and ensures a high standard of workmanship.

The most qualified professionals have also received training directly from window manufacturers. They know what homeowners can expect from these windows, as well as the installation process.

Trust Kentucky Home Exteriors With Your Window Replacement

We have a simple, 4-step process if you need a window replacement. We start with a discovery call and a free consultation to work out the details of your project. Then, we provide a detailed quote, including the timeline and schedule.

Our team of experts can also help you find the best window types for your home. So, if you are wondering what makes Harvey Windows an excellent choice, contact us to learn more.

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