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What Makes James Hardie Stand Out From Other Brands?

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James Hardie siding is one of the most popular siding options in the country. Homeowners and remodeling companies love it for its durability and customizable aesthetics.

Fiber cement siding is an excellent option for your siding replacement project. You can’t beat the quality and warranty James Hardie offers.

James Hardie Siding is Made With Climate Technology

But why is this brand better than the others?

For one thing, it is formulated with climate technology, making it extremely weather resistant. The proprietary composition method, called HardieZone5, is specifically designed to handle the repeated freeze and thaw of harsh winters. That means Hardie siding can take extreme wind, rain, ice, hail, and storms.

Safe and Durable Siding Option

Hardie siding is one of the safest siding options around. It complies with ASTM E316 as a non-combustible cladding. It has a Class A fire rating and is fire resistant. Having fire-resistant siding decreases your insurance premiums.

It is also highly durable and long-wearing. Made from a combination of cement and cellulose fibers, it is resistant to bugs and fading. It has a 30% slower fade rate and a 15-year color treatment warranty. With this baked-on color technology, Hardie Siding resists cracking and tripping.

Curb Appeal and ROI

With lap boards, shingles, vertical boards, and trim, Hardie siding has highly customizable design options. The panels can be cut and shaped to suit your architectural design and easily mimic natural materials. Because James Hardie Siding can look like natural wood, it is popular in historical areas where architectural details are important.

Hardie siding is a fantastic return on investment because it increases your curb appeal and protects your home. It is a rigid material that allows you to make an untrue wall straight, and it is a product that won’t shift over time.

As a painted product, you can update the color of your home every 15 years, which is a versatile option. There are various color choices and textures so you can personalize your home. Some people see repainting as a negative quality but repainting your siding is undoubtedly much better than having to replace your siding.

Hardie board siding also has a 30-year non-prorated warranty which is a bonus considering the perceived value of the siding is a lot more than the actual cost of using it. The 11 000 day non-prorated warranty is transferable and covers hail damage.

Low Maintenance

Hardie Siding is low maintenance and easy to care for and requires a gentle wash with mild soap to remove grime and dust from the siding.

You can extend the lifespan of your Hardie board siding by keeping your gutters clear and trimming the shrubbery around your home.

Apart from repainting your siding after 15 years, Hardie board requires very little care. The cement and cellulose fiber blend offers flexibility and creates a dense product that protects against extreme weather. It is not prone to wood rot, warping, mold, or moisture damage.

James Hardie Contractor Standards

The Hardie brand has high standards when it comes to approved contractors. To get the Hardie stamp of approval, you must comply with installation best practices, have a professional sales approach, and have a background check with at least six past clients, to name a few.

Hardie Board is Our First Choice

At Kentucky Home Exteriors, we love Hardie board siding. It is our go-to siding choice, and we love that it offers our clients peace of mind, durability, and an attractive home exterior.

If you are considering a siding replacement project, contact us to learn more about James Hardie siding and why it is the best choice for your Kentucky home.

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