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What Are Replacement Windows?

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Replacement windows fit into the opening in your existing window frame. Although these windows may replace an existing window that has become damaged, some homeowners may replace windows for greater energy efficiency. There are different window types that you may choose, depending on your budget, such as vinyl or fiberglass.

Read on to learn more about the benefits of replacements for your existing windows.

How Do Replacements for Existing Windows Fit in With Your Home?

When you have windows put in as replacements, the process is different from what is used when you have new construction windows. Because you won’t require a new window frame, the process is less intensive than what would be required if you had to have a completely new window frame constructed. For many homes, replacing the window, without having to have one installed of completely new construction is all that you need.

All the exterior elements stay intact, so if you are otherwise pleased with your existing window design, you’ll be glad to know that these will be left undisturbed. The new window will be designed to fit the opening and the exterior elements. However, if you are looking for a dramatic new look, such as windows that let in more light, new construction windows as replacements may be ideal.

What Styles or Materials Are Available for Replacement Windows?

One of the best things to know about replacement windows is that they come in different styles and materials. You can pick new windows that blend in perfectly with your home or windows with a drastically different look. The range of options leaves you free to find whatever you think looks best.

Double-hung windows are among one of the most popular window styles for convenience. Many homeowners enjoy being able to open the upper half of these windows at an angle, allowing for easier cleaning. Single-hung windows, however, may offer better energy efficiency, especially for homes that have issues with being too drafty.

The range of materials for windows easily fits different budgets and style preferences. For example, vinyl is one of the most versatile materials, available in a range of colors and styles that provides durability at a decent price. Many homeowners prefer fiberglass because of its superior quality, despite the higher price. Window contractors can go over the different options with homeowners to select one that works for their needs.

What Criteria Should Homeowners Use When Picking New Windows?

For many homeowners, cost-effectiveness is the most important factor. Some types of windows may seem like they cost less based on the initial price but may require more work that increases the costs over time. You will want to consider the overall condition of your existing windows, which often determines how much work you need.

When you’re making as important a decision as replacing your windows, you want to make sure you’ve made the right choice. Consulting with a professional can help make this important decision easier. There are some key advantages to working with a professional.

The most qualified professionals have received training directly from window manufacturers. They know what homeowners can expect from these windows, as well as the installation process. These installers can provide the guidance homeowners need to select what works best for their overall circumstances.

One thing you’ll want to think about is local building codes or restrictions specific to certain neighborhoods. These types of restrictions can have a substantial impact on what you use for your home. If such restrictions exist, you’ll want to find out before making a final choice.

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