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How To Prepare Your Home for Siding Replacement

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What is the best way to prepare your home for a siding replacement project?

You should never wander into a major home renovation without a solid game plan. This should cover everything from getting a reliable cost estimate, selecting the best materials, asking the contractor plenty of questions, and so forth. This article will give you a better idea of what to do before the contractor arrives to hang new siding on your house.

Basics of Preparing Your Home for Siding Replacement

  1. Figure out what you want in a siding project.
    • The first thing you should do is thoroughly research everything. Does this involve a home you plan to remain in for 20+ years? Are you interested in the sturdiest insulation to take pressure off your heating and air-conditioning? These factors will influence the type of siding you select.
  2. Set a budget and obtain a project estimate.
    • Then, once you’re sure about what you want, set an initial consultation with one of our representatives. Share with them your specific concerns (any “must haves”) as well as your budget boundaries. As usual, don’t let a siding contractor impose anything on you or coax you into signing a contract without understanding everything (including warranty coverage).
  3. Select your siding materials, designs, colors, and other details.
    • Thanks to some outstanding innovations in the siding industry, there are many material and color options worth considering. We encourage folks to explore fiber cement siding, which not only lasts for years and protects against fires and bad weather, but offers terrific curb appeal.

Make Sure You Understand the Siding Replacement Process

Now is also a great time to familiarize yourself with the siding replacement process so that you know what to expect once the work begins. Kentucky Home Exteriors prefers to move carefully by giving you a thorough consultation, ascertaining your goals and expectations, performing the hard labor, and finishing with an inspection. Throughout the entire process, you’ll have plenty of opportunity to ask questions or have a project manager clarify anything.

Don’t DIY or Hire a Low-Quality Contractor

As we’ve mentioned many times, it’s crucial for homeowners to only select a high-quality contractor for this important task. How do you know a good siding contractor from a mediocre, “fly-by-night” company?

Here are few clues that should guide you in the right direction:

  • Reputable siding companies have extensive training, experience, and certifications to hang any siding material, including fiber cement siding.
  • They won’t make you sign contracts without explaining what service you’re getting from them.
  • Less reputable contractors might not be able to show you very many references or testimonials for their work. That’s either because they’re new to business, or they don’t have many satisfied customers to boast of their workmanship.
  • As always, we recommend avoiding the DIY approach because you risk making serious mistakes, which could hurt your exterior aesthetics, or even compromise the siding lifespan.
  • Reputable exterior companies will show you plenty of siding design choices without trying to up-sell the most expensive products. Our team, for example, prefers to ask questions and determine homeowner preferences before doing anything else.

Call Kentucky Home Exteriors for Prompt & Effective James Hardie Siding Installation

Kentucky Home Exteriors serves clientele all over the state with first-rate siding installation, window replacement, and door installation. So, if you live in communities like Louisville, Lexington, Owensboro, or Covington, we can help you with all these pertinent home exterior matters. Our crews have the wherewithal to assemble products from James Hardie, windows from manufacturers like Pella, and doors from terrific brands like Heritage or Embarq.

Contact Kentucky Home Exteriors today for the most comprehensive, warranty-backed siding replacement services in the Bluegrass State.

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