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Is It Safe to Have a Front Door with Glass?

front door with glass

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It is a misconception that a front door with glass comprises the safety and security of your home. Glass is a simple way to allow more light into your home and create a unique decorative statement.

Professional companies like Provia create front doors that are energy-efficient, beautiful, and safe. They have a range of customizable glass door options, allowing you to level up your front door aesthetics without compromising on safety.

Yes, It’s Safe to Have a Front Door with Glass

Have you ever noticed how many windows are in your home? We live surrounded by glass, so what difference would having a front with glass make?

If your front door has glass inserts, they are probably tempered or laminated. Tempered glass is designed to break into smaller pieces, while laminated glass has a protective layer that holds it together when broken. These glass options are stronger than regular glass.

We are factory-trained Provia dealers. Provia offers a range of decorative glass front doors with different design combinations. You can choose from beveled, colored, and privacy glass.

Provia doors are highly efficient. They have a decorative core sandwiched between a dual-glazed ComforTech glass package that reduces heat loss. Some style options include Cape Cod, Craftsman, Colonial, Farmhouse, Modern, Spanish, Tudor, and Victorian. Regardless of your style, the glass inserts are designed with safety, energy efficiency, and aesthetics in mind.

Factors To Consider if You Want Decorative Glass

Professional Installation: Like any door replacement, the quality of the installation is crucial to the performance and longevity of the door. The right company will ensure the door is made of high-quality material and will fit it according to the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Security Features: Glass inserts can have a security film that makes it harder for intruders to break. Good quality doors also have a reinforced frame around the glass to add an extra layer of security. Most high-performing doors have quality locks to protect your home. Deadbolts, in particular, are an easy way to beef up security without compromising design. Some door manufacturers have the option of decorative wrought iron that you place over the glass for added protection.

Door Material: Glass or no glass, the type of front door you choose makes a difference in how safe it is. A poor-quality door that rots, warps, and has faulty locks and hinges will be a safety hazard. However, choosing a wood, steel, or fiberglass door from a reputable company will be more durable and safe.

Privacy: Glass can give people a glimpse into your home, and you need to decide how much of a sneak peek you’re willing to give them. Luckily, you can get a frosted or textured glass that still allows light into your home but provides more privacy.

Pros and Cons of a Front Door with Glass


  • Glass inserts help you add a unique design element to your home.
  • Glass in your front door lets in more natural light.
  • Glass panels can add a classic or contemporary feel to your entryway and increase curb appeal. 
  • Glass doors offer customization options, allowing you to choose the type of glass, patterns, and decorative elements.


  • Glass doors can be more expensive than solid doors, especially if you choose custom or decorative glass.
  • Glass inserts near locks can be a security concern.
  • Fingerprints, smudges, and dirt can be more noticeable on glass surfaces.

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If you are thinking about getting a front door with glass, contact us to discuss your options.

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