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The Best Front Door Material For Your Kentucky Home

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The best front door material for Kentucky homes is fiberglass. Your front door should be durable, energy-efficient, and beautiful. A door replacement is also a substantial investment; you don’t want to repeat the process more than necessary.

That is why we recommend fiberglass doors. Although they are more expensive upfront, that price comes with some major benefits. One of those benefits is better weather resistance, so you don’t need to worry about warping or other wear that happens when wood gets too wet. Let’s look at a few other reasons we love fiberglass front doors for our Louisville customers.

Fiberglass is the Best Front Door Material For Kentucky Homes

Fiberglass is a popular option in the Bluegrass state. It is durable, energy-efficient, and versatile, making it perfect for our climate.

Design Versatility

Fiberglass doors can match nearly any home aesthetic. They are particularly popular because they can mimic the classic and timeless appearance of wood. With a fiberglass front door, you can enjoy the look of mahogany or Douglas fir without sacrificing performance or spending hours on maintenance.

Fiberglass can also be painted, making it perfect for modern homes that want a front door that is sleek and minimal. Your options are endless when it comes to door colors, and you can get creative and personalize your home exterior. You can also customize a fiberglass door because you have a wide variety of panel configurations. Many manufacturers offer textured fiberglass “skins,” energy-saving insulation, and finishing options like molding, glass, and hardware.


Fiberglass holds up better over time, making them more secure for longer. Steel doors are prone to rusting and dentine, and wood doors can swell and rot if not properly maintained.

Fiberglass is one of the best front door materials for security because it is lighter and doesn’t put as much stress on the hinges. But being light doesn’t mean they aren’t strong. Fiberglass doors can have a high-density core that makes them more resistant to force.


The best front door is strong, secure, and beautiful; fiberglass doors tick all those boxes. They offer superior insulation and weather resistance. Your front door is exposed to the elements, so you want a material that won’t warp, crack, rot, or fade when faced with rain and sunlight. Fiberglass doors are also safe from pest damage and hold up well against fire.

Fiberglass Door Replacements with Kentucky Home Exteriors

We are factory-trained ProVia dealers and know we can provide the best fiberglass doors for your home. ProVia’s exterior fiberglass doors are available in three brands, with many different options for design, including door style, glass and grid options, stain and paint colors, and more.

We have a customer-focused process, and we communicate at each stage of the project. A door replacement shouldn’t take more than two days. But we give you video updates and communicate any delays or unexpected surprises. Our team has the knowledge and expertise to help you with all the details of your door replacement because the process can be overwhelming.

You need to consider:

  • Door material
  • Security
  • Hardware
  • Door color
  • Custom finishes
  • Panel design
  • Custom glass work

We not only have excellent installers, but we work with suppliers whose products we trust. Quality materials are essential, but they must be paired with excellent installation practices. We are confident that we can find you the best front door material and install it correctly.

Want the Best Front Material? Contact Us

We recommend fiberglass every time, but you can look out our portfolio to see why for yourself. If you want to learn more about why fiberglass is the best front door material for your Kentucky home, contact us for a free in-person consultation.

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