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Signs You Need to Replace Your Siding

replace your siding

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Knowing when to replace your siding is essential to your home’s overall functionality and appearance. Your siding is responsible for keeping your home looking good but also protecting it from the elements.

Suppose you have noticed that your siding isn’t looking great or performing as well as it should. In that case, it’s time to consider calling professionals for an expert opinion about replacing your siding.

Knowing When to Replace Your Siding Depends on the Material

Understanding when it’s time to replace your siding will depend on the material currently on your home.

Vinyl siding tends to fade after a few years and is susceptible to hail damage, so you may notice dents in your siding.

Wood siding is prone to animal damage, rot, and even swelling from moisture. Wood siding also tends to fade, and you may notice that your paint is chipping and peeling. If you have to repaint your wood siding more regularly, it is time to update it.

Fiber cement siding ages better than vinyl and wood, but it is a painted product, and you will need to repaint it after 10 to 15 years.

Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Siding

There are some obvious signs that it is time to replace the siding on your home, and by being observant, you can replace it before it becomes a problem.

Mold or Mildew

When home siding begins to fail, it can absorb moisture which can lead to the growth of mold or mildew.

Wood and vinyl are both prone to mold. Not only does it look unpleasant, but it can affect the integrity of your siding. Mold often occurs when water gets behind the vinyl siding and cannot dry properly.

Although the outside of wood siding is sealed against moisture, the cut edges are not. This is a prime spot for mold to grow.

Warped, Rotting or Sagging

Siding that is no longer moisture-resistant will begin to rot, reducing your curb appeal and being structurally unsafe.

When you’re siding begins to absorb moisture, it can warp the siding. This is extremely noticeable but also affects the insulation of your home. For example, you may find that your energy bill is higher than usual, and you may even have leaks when it rains.

Your siding may also begin to sag, which looks unsightly and can be dangerous.


Faded siding is a definite sign that it’s time for an update. Vinyl is a solid color product, but it can still fade over the years, and wood siding needs to be repainted regularly.

Compromised Insulation

When the siding on your home is not working efficiently, you will notice a change in your energy bill.

If the siding no longer seals properly, your home will be hot or cold, and you will struggle to manage the interior temperature.

Dents and Chips

Your siding needs to be replaced if you have noticed dents or chips that could affect the efficiency of your siding but also how it looks.

Consider James Hardie When Updating Your Siding

Consider James Hardie siding if you have noticed any of these signs and need to update your siding.

This fiber cement product is practically maintenance-free and can withstand harsh weather. It also resists moisture, so you won’t have to contend with rotting, sagging, or warping siding.

It comes in various colors and styles so that you can have the wood siding aesthetic without maintenance issues.

With James Hardie siding, you won’t have to worry about your siding suffering from extreme heat or insect damage.

Trust the Experts for the Best Results

At Kentucky Home Exteriors, we offer a customer-focused process and the best installers to help you make the most of your home siding.

We will come to your home for a free consultation to chat with you about the best home siding options.

So, if you need to replace your siding, contact us, and we can chat you through the process.

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