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The Door Replacement Process

door replacement process

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Would you like to know more about the door replacement process for residential homes?

The installation effort can be tricky because many front doors (made from steel or fiberglass especially) are heavy and difficult to maneuver. While you may wish to “DIY” it, we recommend calling a pro installer to help with this task. That’s how you can guarantee the job will get done correctly, without measurement or alignment errors.

Kentucky Home Exteriors’ Door Replacement Process

So, here’s the gist of how we install new doors, either for the main entry or any other threshold. The first step is to call Kentucky Home Exteriors for a quick inspection and consultation. We can check out any door(s) around your home, go over various styles and brands, and quote a price estimate.

During that initial meeting, we encourage homeowners to ask us questions about their preferred door materials, warranty expectations, and finance options (if necessary). After that, once we agree on a service contract, our installation team will replace your door, take away the old one, clean the threshold, and show you the results.

Once we’re finished, you can always exercise the warranty portions of your contract to call us for help if you notice a problem shortly thereafter. We rarely make mistakes with door installations, but it’s always possible, and we strive for perfection. At Kentucky Home Exteriors, we always honor service guarantees.

When Should You Replace Your Door?

Of course, it helps to know whether you need to replace your door. For that, we recommend monitoring for these common signs of trouble.

  • Door replacement is very important if you cannot close or lock your doors properly. It’s a significant safety and security issue when a door doesn’t latch the right way.
  • There’s substantial wood rot within the framework.
  • You’re losing insulation and suffering through higher power bills.
  • There’s rust all over the door jams, it drags a lot, and you hear squeaky noises every time it opens or closes.
  • You’ve heard about all the ornate glass designs you can enjoy with modern brands like Legacy and Signet. New doors can improve the ambient lighting around your home, add curb appeal, and increase home value.

Benefits of Installing New Doors

So, if those are the problems you’ll run into with outdated doors, what are the benefits of installing new ones? Here are a few of the best advantages.

  • Get a permanent fix to drafts and leaks; allowing you to enjoy lower energy bills immediately.
  • You’ll have something much more durable. This is essential for handling some of the severe thunderstorms and winter weather we experience in Kentucky.
  • While the cost of new doors varies (depending on materials), you can often recoup the costs with a solid ROI within several months or just a couple years.
  • Eliminate the frightening potential for forced entry by selecting the sturdiest materials, including steel.
  • Would you like to coordinate your door’s appearance with the rest of your exterior? It’s easy to do that with a plethora of color options, capable of producing an overall gorgeous home exterior.

We Can Help Expedite the Door Replacement Process for homes in Kentucky

Whatever you do, don’t wait around for fly-by-night contractors or a “handyman” to handle this task. If the company or individual doesn’t have a great reputation, then you don’t really know what you’ll get from them.

At the end of the day, it makes little sense to play games with something as rudimentary as your doors. Therefore, we offer a dependable alternative to the competition for homeowner clients all over Kentucky: Louisville, Bowling Green, Owensboro, Covington, Nicholasville, and more.

Contact Kentucky Home Exteriors anytime for efficient and effective help with the door replacement process, window replacement, or James Hardie Siding installation.

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