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The Window Replacement Process

window replacement process

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Let’s explore the various components of the window replacement process. Like any other construction project, the customer deserves to have a rough idea of what to expect.

Fortunately, our exterior services do not last several days or require us to make noise around your home forever. Kentucky Home Exteriors has the competent staff that can accomplish every task (for windows, doors, and siding) with thorough workmanship, minimal disruption, and plenty of warranty guarantees.

Basic Steps for the Window Replacement Process

  1. Learning Your Needs
    • We always like to begin the process by getting to know what you actually need as a homeowner. Do you want to install a special bay window? Are you interested in replacing one or two windows or everything around the house? These are the objectives we would determine in an initial consultation.
  2. Inspections & Measurements
    • You can’t do reliable work without precision, and that’s why we always take careful measurements of window dimensions. Fortunately, we’ve done this a lot, so it doesn’t take us that long to accomplish.
  3. Selection of Styles & Brands
    • What kind of windows do you want? Some Kentucky homeowners want to jazz up their houses with ornate Pella windows, whereas prefer to boost energy efficiency with low-e glass. It’s even possible to do both (and more).
  4. Installation Estimate (Price Quote)
    • This is a contract service, so before doing anything, we’ll provide a comprehensive price quote, which details everything we install.
  5. Window Installation
    • If we come to an agreement, then our team will install your window(s).
  6. Final Inspection & Cleanup
    • We finish the job by inspecting everything with you. Before leaving, we ensure the area is clean and review warranty terms with you.

Most Crucial Aspect of the Window Replacement Process . . .

Before you buy new windows, make sure you know what you want and why you need it. We often speak to Kentucky homeowners who aren’t sure whether they need new windows. There are, however, several tell-tale signs that it’s time to address one or more windows around your house.

  • The other homes in your neighborhood have way more modern fixtures. Even if you don’t want to sell your home soon, it helps to keep your windows updated to avoid losing home value.
  • Energy bills are out of control. After an energy audit, you decide your windows are the worst culprit.
  • You don’t like all the cracks in the window panes or even the glass itself.
  • You heard about low-e glass, a novel way to prevent UV rays from baking your home through the window glass.
  • It’s gotten way too hard to open and close those windows that have been there since the 1970s.

Don’t DIY Window Replacement

You might believe you can save some cash by handling window installation by yourself. There are a few folks who are handy enough to do this, but we find more homeowners lament that decision for a variety of reasons. It’s common for us to have to repair or address window issues stemming from previous “DIY” efforts.

Instead, we recommend calling a trustworthy contractor for a free inspection (which we offer anytime), do your homework on everything (including product selection), and invest in professional installation. This is your best chance to regain energy efficiency and enjoy long-lasting aesthetic improvements.

Call Kentucky Home Exteriors for Prompt Service Anytime

If you enjoyed this and found it informative, you might like our other post on the siding replacement process. You can count on the reliable services of Kentucky Home Exteriors for anything related to windows, siding, and doors.

Our team of installers possess the skills, experience, training, and certification to assemble the latest products from manufacturers like Pella, James Hardie, and ProVia. Therefore, when you work with us, feel free to ask questions and explore a myriad of installation options.

Contact us today to ask us all about the window replacement process or anything else we do for residential homeowners in Louisville, Lexington, and all over Kentucky.

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